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Timetoshare™ is a place for owners of vacation homes, condominiums, apartments, or timeshares to list their places for rent, sale, or trade. People searching for something particular, can also place a wanted ad. If you've got unused weeks from RCI or Interval International, or want to sell your points in the RCI points network or similar, we've got a place for you too!
You'll find properties are available from all over the world.

Transactions occur between private parties thus offering better value than hotels or from travel agents. Other online services charge a commission or high listing fees. At Timetoshare.com, it is normally $30 to place as many listings as you like for one year...a deal that's hard to beat. You get a targeted audience of people like yourself who want to stay at luxury accommodations AND get the best value.

We ensure your property has high visibility through references from all the major search engines, other travel related sites, and normal print media exposure. We want you to be happy and successful in finding a renter or buyer.

Any information you submit is obtained merely for the purposes of ensuring accurate and complete listings in our database. This information will not be sold to outside parties.

Timetoshare was created because of a perceived lack of high integrity businesses catering to the timeshare industry. Often the timeshare experience is surrounded by misleading information and questionable ethics. What should be a simple, enjoyable vacation becomes complicated and frustrating.

You can be assured that Timetoshare is here for your benefit. We only ask for a small listing fee to cover labor and expenses of operating the website. Timetoshare.com has been online since August 1999 and since then thousands of satisfied people have advertised, and thousands more have browsed to find the perfect getaway. All we ask is: if you like this website, tell your friends. If you don't like it, then tell us how we can make it better. We want vacationing to be fun, flexible, frequent, and financially fair.

Your listing will remain posted until the availability date has passed, you notify us to remove it, or your listing has been present for more than one year. You can relist anytime within the first year after your payment is received or add additional properties.
Once your availability date has passed, we may send you an email so that the content can be updated. Please notify us immediately of any change in your email address. It helps us, and helps those interested in your property.

Your questions, comments, or feedback is appreciated and can be made by e-mail to listings@timetoshare.com

Timetoshare™ is not involved directly in the exchange, sale, or rental process and assume no liability for transactions resulting from a listing on this website. We reserve the right to change, update, remove or modify information at any time without notice and may also remove, discontinue, alter, improve and/or change any of the products or services described or offered on this web site.


Tony Cannon
North San Diego County, California, and National Association of Realtors®
California Department of Real Estate License #1318292

Tony on Google+

944 Anatra Ct
Carlsbad, CA 92011
phone: 760-470-2614

BTW, I like mudpie!

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Bryce Canyon, Utah
Bryce Canyon, Utah, USA

Mykonos windmills, Greec
Mykonos Island, Greece

Finisterra Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Finisterra Resort


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