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There's a lot of information available on the web regarding vacation accommodations. The following links are the ones we feel are of the most interest.

If any of these links no longer exist, please let us know.

Timeshare Exchanges

RCI - The largest timeshare exchange service
Interval International - A very good timeshare exchange service
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Marriott Vacation Club owner exchanges

Visit the top 100 timeshare websites

Timeshare information

Thousands of owners have paid hundreds of dollars each in upfront fees and have never received any offers. This group shares no cost methods and options to deal with Unwanted Timeshares. Information on companies dealing in this area is also shared so that the group may better deal with Unwanted Timeshares but please note "No individual rental or resale listings allowed."


Timeshare Users Group - Good timeshare information. Has classifieds too.

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