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Personal Testimonial:
I've been toying with the idea of buying a timeshare for a couple years. There's not alot of public information on timeshare. A few FAQ's here & there online, but nothingapproaching the a-z perspective contained in this book ("Timeshare Condominiums forthe Beginner" by Michael Strauss, at Amazon, B&N, etc.). It's light reading...easy to fly through and yet get the information you need. There are a few spelling errorsthroughout, but the reason to buy this book is to arm yourself with information, and itdoes that just great. The buyers should not spend 50-60% of their timeshare dollar onsalesman commission before reading this book. In some cases it's what they'll end upwanting to do in the end anyway, but at least they will enter the deal with realisticexpectations. If the buyer is reading this review after attending a high-pressurepresentation, by all means THEY SHOULD NOT BUY until they have done the proper research.The 'killer deal' the salesman just gave them will not disappear in the next couple weekswhile they do the research. Even that killer deal that will expire when they leave townrepresents a 100% markup due to the selling expenses built into it. This book may bettereducate your potential customers, sellers and buyers as well.

Jean Sturdza

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