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Properties Wanted

Property Name + Location All weeks of timeshare wanted
Contact Timeshare Sales Ltd pat@resales.freeserve.co.uk Work:00441618760476 Fax:00441618760486
Posted 25 Apr 2001


Trade Wanted
Property Name + Location Want timeshare anywhere in Mexico or US, to trade for a boat in Puerto Vallarta
Contact CJ Buck CBuck96906@aol.com
Comments We would like to trade a beautiful boat which is currently docked at Mayan Palace in Puerto Vallarta for a time share anywhere in Mexico or the US. We sold a home we built in Puerto Vallarta and need to sell or trade our boat for a time share or etc. Please reply back to this email for description and we will email pictures. All documentation would need to be handled via fax and US mail in the US as the boat is a US federally documented boat with the US Coastguard service in San Diego.
Posted 22 Nov 2000


Property Name + Location Pahio at the Shearwater, Princeville, Kauai, Hawaii
Price Negotiable
Unit Type third floor, even years or all years
Contact WANTED -- timeshare to buy Capt. Stew Fisher Tqlmstr@aol.com (805) 987-2127 (H) (805) 987-7999 (W)
Posted 16 Feb 2001


Unit Type 2 Bedroom
Contact Stacey Guss seguss13@aol.com Home:5418997086
More info available at RCI
Comments Looking for at least a 2 bedroom stateside: driving distance from Southern Oregon. Have a studio in Cabo at Villa Del Palmar with 27 years left, wanting to trade, re-married with 4 kids, outgrown studio. Low yearly maintenance fee. Great place.
Posted 02 Nov 2001

New York

Contact Ilene guy@getspanked.net
Comments I am interested in a place in or around New York city. I have 3 bedroom 1 bath large lot brand new home rebuilt after house fire and would be interested in a trade for the summer. I live in Truckee CA very near Lake Tahoe, Donner Lake. Lake Tahoe is 13 miles from my home.
Posted 07 Mar 2002

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